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Independent Car Rental Systems, Inc. has been offering insurance with the same A+ Rated Insurance Carrier since inception. We maintain our excellent rating structure by having a knowledgeable and supportive staff and by offering excellent counter training to our members.

Some of the conditions of our Insurance Policy require that you rent to qualified drivers over the age of 21 and use rental vehicles which are no older than eight (8) years old.

Types Of Coverage Available:


ICR offers the standard levels of liability insurance.  The examples are as follows:

  • $100/300/50 Split Limit Liability (maximum available in Florida only)

  • $1,000,000 Combined Single Limit Liability (required in most States)

All rental units must maintain liability coverage.

Additional coverage is available based on State Regulations or personal preference.

Physical Damage

Physical Damage Coverage (Specified Perils & Collision) is optional.  Various deductible levels are available, enabling our members to select the level of coverage that best meets their needs.

Members may select which units, if any, are to be covered for Physical Damage.