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1.     I am interested in adding daily rentals to my business. What are my options?


A Rental Franchise is one that you purchase a county or region making you exclusive to the area.  This cost is substantial because one of the determining factors for pricing is the future earning potential of the county or region you want to purchase.  Buying a franchise can start as low as $15,000 and exceed well over the $100,000 mark.  As a franchisee, monthly there will be “royalties” you might have to pay the franchise company which are commonly calculated by you paying them a certain percentage of your gross sales.  Your rental company has their name and they give you guidelines for the rate and vehicles you can offer.


 Being an Independent Rental Operator you learn by trial and error. You are held accountable for keeping up with the current law changes in the Auto Rental Industry.  It is not only your responsibility for purchasing rental contracts, but also ensuring that all legal language is printed and included on the contacts. As an Independent Rental Operator you use your own name for your business and you are able to select your own inventory and decide what rates to offer.


 You remain Independent!  You are able to use your own name for your business.  You select what make/model cars you want to offer as well as deciding what your rates will be.  We give you the rental contracts.  ICR’s contracts are approved to ensure that each contract is legally compliant with all State requirements. ICR TRAINS YOU, EQUIPS YOU AND SUPPORTS YOU.

2.   What benefits do I get with my membership?


 The largest benefit, of course, is the training.  You have access to ICR’s 50 years of combined experience in the Daily Auto Rental Industry.





 To insure proper education, our training seminars have been attended and approved by our insurance company. Membership privileges give you access to ICR’s partner for floorplans, warranties, garage liability, credit card set-up, and roadside service protection, and much more. Membership also entitles you to receive discounts on software purchases through companies such as DCS and Bluebird.


3.  What costs are involved to get started and what am I billed for


after I become a member?


ICR’s membership lasts a lifetime.  To join, you submit the insurance deposit and membership fee, along with the start up documents. We have found that on an average, a new member insuring 5 cars has an initial investment of $1500 to $2000.


Each month thereafter you will receive your monthly ICR bill.  This bill consists of two pages - a detail listing of all vehicles insured for the previous month and the summary page which gives you the total of the insurance premiums and the administrative fee.  Any additional charges would be for shipping, advertising supplies or enrollment in the roadside assistance program.